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EVG: Medical Tourism Services for the Elderly

EVG Company has 60 years of experience in providing medical and nursing services for the elderly. For a decade now, it also supports with great success tourist programs targeted at specific groups. Services for groups include:

  • Nursing escort-support
  • Medical monitoring with instant response, regardless of the destination
  • Possibility of Courier – by drive or by air, in a special, for each occasion, hospital

To fully serve all needs, EVG has:

  • Experienced - Russian-speakers, doctors, nurses
  • Cooperation with specialized-certified medical institutions
  • Modern fleet of ambulances and helicopters
  • Working with the hotel associations of the country


Contact Information:

Pithias 24, Kipseli
11364 Athens
Telephone +30 210 8833320
email: evg@evagelistria.com